Helping your garden with compost

All gardens can benefit from having more of the needed nutrients for the plants you are growing. Adding compost is one way to do this. Adding organic matter, that is packed with the nutrients will help your garden to really thrive. While compost can be purchased, it is easy to make on your own. Save some of that money you would have used for purchasing compost and put it back into getting some new plants or seeds.

In short, composting is basically putting organic materials into a container, and adding some water. That pile of organic matter is periodically turned over. By helping the beneficial bacteria survive and work their magic, you can get some great compost. Heat will be generated and help to break down and decompose the raw organic materials. In time, it will turn into a rich, soil like product. When it is complete, you will have no original parts of vegetables or peelings, etc, but something that has a good earthy odor to it.